Vibrational Analysis

Vibro Technology has many technologies like; special instruments able to take vibration readings from Accelerometers of ultra-low, low, medium and very high frequencies, also strain gages in order to identify a very accuracy vibration fault (qualitative) and the severity of those readings, measuring the filtered vibrations amplitudes (quantitative) and see the trend in one or more weeks in order to avoid unexpected failures, keep the engine within the maximum tolerable values given by the equipment manufacturer or international standards applying a service factor according to the type of installation and according to the trends.



The advanced techniques that Vibro Technology use are the following:


  • Spectrum and time waveform Analysis from 1 cpm to 600,000 cpm.
  • Orbits Analysis with fixeds and portables non-contact sensors.
  • Cepstrum Analysis.
  • Fase Angle Analysis.
  • Synchronic Analysis.
  • ODS Analysis from 1 cpm to 600,000 cpm.
  • Modal Analysis (with a hammer for bump test and a shaker of 70 lb-f).
  • Modal Analysis with engine working
  • Analysis FEM.
  • Torsional Analysis (with strain gages).
  • Measure the Torque and the shaft real power (with strain gages)
  • Coherence, Transfer and Cross Power Analysis.
  • Dynamic Balancing of rotors “In Situ”
  • Online Vibration Monitoring
  • Alignment of engines