Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis

ODS – Operating Deflection Shape

ODS is the 3D representation of filtered movements caused by abnormal vibrations in a machine or structure.  Vibro Technology has the capacity to:


  • Measure 32 points simultaneously which is useful for the detection of transitory vibrations which occur at when high potential gas or steam turbines are started or stopped.  This is usefully because it is not cost effective to start up turbines numerous times in order to measure vibration.


  • Take indexed measurements of up to 1500 points for large scale structures such as structures for conveyor belts and drive systems, and the support bases of motors and fans, motors and pumps, turbines and generators, mills, etc.


3D animation will show relative movements in a mechanical system (machine or structure) under actual working conditions.


ODS is the most versatile and useful method for achieving reliable dynamic analysis due to the ability to directly observe faults in 3D.  Vibro Technology uses very fast and sophisticated techniques thanks to technological innovations in data acquisition which were implemented 10 years ago.  We have instruments which are capable of measuring 4 to 32 channels simultaneously and in real time.  This allows us to visualize relative movement of machines as realistically as possible when random failures occur during startup and/or stopping.


Advantages of Using ODS Analysis

ODS Analysis helps visualize part of the vibrational failure and improves the diagnosis of the failure.


When to Use ODS Analysis

  • When the issue is difficult to solve using conventional analysis.
  • When you want to se how the system works within its environment where it may be influenced by other machines.
  • ODS Analysis can be used to detect the cause of excessive levels of vibration and/or structural stress.
  • (Resonance), critical velocity, etc.
  • To validate finite element models (FEM)