About Us

About Us

Vibro Technology is a service company who works with mines, oil companies, energy plants and industrial companies in South America, Central America, North America and Middle East. We look to promote environmental responsibility, respecting all international norms and standards.

We are made up a select group of categories II and III vibration analysists and certified by the Vibration Institute of the USA (ISO 18436-2).  Furthermore, we are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and have more than 30 years of experiences in working in the field of vibration in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Venezuela and Middle East.

We have modern analyzers that work in real time with 4 to 128 channels, and that include sensors for acceleration, contact, strain, and pressure.  Furthermore, with have the most advanced generation of software including Expert ALERT, ALERT Real Time Analyzer, and ME’scope.  These innovations allow us to perform advanced dynamic analysis: ODS (Operating Deflection Shape in OpeOpracion), Modal Analysis, deformation measurements, torque measurements, force measurements, and the measurement of dynamic pressure in pipes.  In addition, we use Transference Function, Cross Power Spectrum, and Coherence, which allows us to solve many different vibration related problems in rotating equipment and structures.

  • Policy

    Our company has an integrated management policy related to Quality, Environmental Control, Work Health and Safety which helps us ensure the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients. We follow all regulations to ensure environmental protection, physical integrity, and the health and quality of life of our workers and their direct collaborators.

  • Our mission is to bring specialized dynamic engineering services to the American market that is of the highest quality and with competitive prices.  We seek to act in a safe and profitable manner, following all international and industry standards.

  • Being the leading dynamic Engineering Services company in the national market and with growing participation in the international market.

  • All Vibro technology employees are guided by our values and principles which form the base for all our activities.


    • Honesty: We act with transparency and respect
    • Loyalty: Identifying with the company
    • Responsibility: We fulfill our commitments
    • Integrity: We do what we say we will do



    • Internal and External Client Satisfaction: We delivery quality service
    • Respect: We value people, institutions, and the environment
    • Working as a team:  We promote teamwork
    • Innovation and Engineering: We use the latest technology to improve our service
    • Transparency: We work with healthy corporate practice
    • Security: We prioritize safe actions and conditions in all projects